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P4L Offline Sales

We turned off the payments recently due to issues with tax laws and resale certificates. Long story, but interstate taxing and filing is the issue requiring resale certificates in the below states. Our parent company manufactures many of the locks and depending on the lock, we can direct you to another online reseller or sell you direct if your order is over $200.  We would require a resale certificate for the states of AZ, CA, CO, GA, HI, ID, IL, MD, MI, NV, OH, and PA.  

With many of the products, you will see in the description section a "Buy" button where you can get the product at the same pricing  sold through our distributors and cover all padlocks (except Sesamee), key storage and combination cam lock products.  We encourage you to purchase those items through our distributors by clicking on the Buy button.

For other products that do not have the buy button, we can sell direct if order is $200 or more and you have a resale certificate. Accessories minimum is $50. Call 800-654-1786 to order or click on our chat button.

If the order is less than $200, go to our chat link and let us know which product you are looking for and we will try to source the product for you with a link (don't call because links are hard to give over the phone :-) ).

Thank you!