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Faraday Bag for Car Keys

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Faraday Bag for Car, Boat and RV Keys

Anti-Theft Key-less Entry Vehicle Key Blocking Pouch for any Key FOB


  • Once sealed inside, your key fob is protected from criminal signal boosting devices
  • Large enough to hold multiple key fobs 
  • Highly durable
  • Ideal for safe keeping in the house and for travel
  • Faraday bags are made of highly effective materials which form a protective "Faraday cage” when sealed.


Is your car door safe from electronic hackers? With the rise in thefts of key-less entry vehicles, the Faraday Bag for FOB Keys is a convenient security deterrent to unauthorized individuals trying to access a wireless car starter or door lock. Faraday bags are increasingly being used by car and boat owners to isolate duplicate wireless keys and protect their vehicles from theft. 


Placing a wireless electronic key fob in our RF isolation pouch prevents the device from sending radio frequency signals to the vehicle’s electronic ignition and entry systems. Opening and removing the Car Key Fob from the pouch allows it to once again send and receive signals.

The majority of modern cars use key-less entry technology, allowing for remote access to the vehicle and its ignition. The Faraday Bag for Car Keys is lined with special material preventing your key fob from communicating with your vehicle. This pouch creates a Faraday cage around anything that is sealed inside. The use of radio transmitters allows criminals to capture the signal from a car's key fob. If the transmitters are within proximity, access to the vehicle can be gained and the engine can be started. The Faraday Bag for Car Keys is industry-leading protection for your mobile devices and key-less car fobs.


4" tall x 2 1/2' wide

Instructions for Use

To secure your electronic keys, make sure wherever you store your keys at night happens to include your Faraday sleeve. During the day, keep your car keys in a purse or a jacket pocket protected by a second Faraday sleeve.




0.10 LBS

WARNING: California Proposition 65