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What Does Keyed Alike Mean?

What Does Keyed Alike Mean?

Posted by Vince F on Feb 15th 2014

Keyed alike refers to all the keys with a set of locks you purchase all opening with each other's keys.


  • If you purchase 8 padlocks keyed alike, all 8 keyed alike padlocks  would work with the same key. Keyed alike padlocks normally come with 3 or 4 keys which means that there would be 24 to 32 keys with plenty of spares! Many times customers ask us how much it would cost when the buy a couple hundreds padlocks if they can save money by receiving only a few keys instead of 600.  Since these locks come from our factory with keys already inside the packaging, it actually costs us more to remove the keys.
  • If you purchase 20 keyed alike cabinet locks, all the keys for each of the keyed alike cam locks would open all the other cabinets.  Keyed alike cabinet locks generally come with 2 keys each.

When ordering keyed alike locks, you can contact us again in the future and we can look up your order and match the keyway to your prior order.  The best way to do this is: 

  1. Place your order for that product selecting keyed alike option
  2. In the comments box in the check out either put in the KA# sku number off your prior order or give your prior Invoice number and we can match to that keyed alike group.

One key fits all

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