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Benefits of Using a Lock Box

Benefits of Using a Lock Box

Posted by Alex on May 27th 2016

Around 20 years ago, the first combination dial lock box was introduced to the world. Since then, millions of people around the world have been using them daily. A lock box has a simple function – to store a key when needed. However, it serves many different purposes depending on who is using the lock box.

Personal Home Use

Perhaps the most practical use of a lock box is to store a spare key for the front door. This is a much better solution than leaving a spare key under the door mat or under a plant pot. The key is secured inside the box and access can be granted to only those who have been given the code. When away or out of town, visitors and guests can enter easily and quickly without hassle.

Real Estate

The invention of the lock box revolutionized the way homes were sold. Easy access is granted by leaving a lockbox where a home is listed meaning any realtor can enter and show the home by just asking permission for the code. However, some lock boxes had issues where after a showing, the lock box would magically “walk off” meaning no one else would have access to the home. The ShurLok lock box provided a great solution for this problem because it uses a two code system – one code for the key door and one for the shackle. This way, the key door code is the only one given for showings so that the shackle stays locked in place.

Medical Alarm 

As the baby boomer generation continues to age, the medical alarm industry grows at a rapid rate. When a medical alarm is triggered, emergency personal and first responders usually need a way to get into the home immediately. If there is no key left for them, this can result in breaking down the front door—a drastic but necessary action to save a life. Adding a lock box to every home that uses a medical alarm device eliminates this problem. By using a lock box, first responders will know the code to access the keys because it is in their database. When they arrive on site they now have instant access to open the door and get to the patient on time without breaking and entering. Not only does a lock box provide a great solution with emergency personnel but it offers easy access for neighbors and family members who may need to get in the home quickly to help if they are an emergency contact.